Terror act in Paris: This is how the students mourn the murdered teacher

The act of terrorism in Paris stunned everyone!

History teacher Samuel Paty (47) died after declaring freedom of expression to his students and showing a cartoon of Mohammed. The Islamist terrorist Abdoullakh Abouyezidvitch A. (18) ambushed him in front of school on Friday – and beheaded him in the street.

All of France mourns! In front of the school, mourners laid hundreds of flowers to show their sympathy.

The sea of ​​flowers in front of the school, in the middle there are signs with the inscription “I am Samuel” – based on the posters after the Islamist attack on the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”.Photo: Fabian Matzerath

▶ ︎ BILD spoke to students of the murdered teacher on site.

Amar learned from Samuel Paty

Amar learned from Samuel PatyPhoto: Til Biermann

Student Amar (15): “Mr. Paty lived nearby with his wife and 10 year old son. He was on his way home, always walking. I took the same course two years ago and he showed the same cartoon. That was just part of the course, he wasn’t a racist. There were no problems then. It made me very sad when I heard that he was the dead man. “

Sandy (16): “He did not do this to discriminate against people with a Muslim religion, but with the aim of providing information. He showed caricatures of all world religions. “

Student Aminata (16): “Mr. Paty was very nice and funny, made a lot of jokes. I took the same course with him two years ago. He said it might be shocking to us, but it was part of freedom of expression. In our class he showed caricatures of Jesus. We understood what he was trying to teach us. And even if he had shown Mohamed, we would have understood that it’s just part of the course. I am a Muslim myself. But that is freedom of expression. It was his job to teach us that. “

student Papin Diram (12): “It was an Islamist, terrorist attack based on a picture. A man had to die for it. Freedom of expression is very important. You have to talk, exercise your right to freedom of expression. If you stop talking, they win. I’ve seen the teacher many times. There were rumors that he was a racist, but I don’t believe in it. “

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Ania (15) knew the teacher: “He had been at the school for three years. He was a nice teacher. Maybe he made a mistake with the cartoon, but not a bad mistake. None of us know the murderer. “

Philippe Mercier

Philippe MercierPhoto: Til Biermann

The school clerk Philippe Mercier (51): “It’s a standard eighth grade course: freedom of opinion. He just did his job as required by the program. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right. The whole thing is absurd. “

The murdered teacher Samuel Paty († 47)

The murdered teacher Samuel Paty († 47)

Who was the culprit?

Abdoullakh Abouyezidvitch A. was born in Moscow in 2002 and, according to the public prosecutor’s office, is of Russian and Chechen origin. According to public prosecutor Jean-François Ricard, he has had refugee status in France since the spring and has not been noticed by the secret service.

After the murder, the terrorist posted a photo of the severed head – in the style of the ISIS terrorist murders. “I executed one of your hellhounds who dared to disparage Mohammed,” the prosecutor quoted from the tweet.

For the French government, it was clearly an Islamist act of terrorism and an attack on freedom of expression that Samuel Paty so vehemently defended and taught. French President Emmanuel Macron (42) had spoken of an Islamist act of terrorism.

President Emmanuel Macron came to the scene on Friday evening

President Emmanuel Macron came to the scene on Friday eveningPhoto: Abdulmonam Eassa / dpa

The murderer did not know his victim, was not a student at his school. His motive was probably to stir up hatred and fear.

When the teacher Paty left school on Friday, Abdoullakh Abouyezidvitch A. was already lying in wait for him on the street. The Islamist followed the teacher 400 meters into a side street, where he then attacked him with a kitchen knife and beheaded him. He also carried a firearm, it is said to have been an airsoft pistol.

Shortly afterwards, the police shot the terrorist.


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