Tennis video Zverev – Harris: Tie-break turning point, sowing dark horse (US Open quarterfinals)

Thursday, September 9, 2021 04:56 AM (GMT+7)

(Video, tennis results Alexander Zverev – Lloyd Harris, quarterfinals of the US Open 2021) Lloyd Harris can only make it difficult for Alexander Zverev in the first set.

Confronting Alexander Zverev, Lloyd Harris proved that reaching the quarterfinals of the US Open was not luck. Set 1, the South African player played great, even winning a break-point in game 8. Zverev had to work hard to reclaim the break in the next game to drag the set into the tie-break series.

Tennis video Zverev - Harris: Tie-break turning point, sowing sorrow "dark horse"  (US Open Quarterfinals) - 1

Zverev decodes the “phenomenon” Lloyd Harris and advances to the US Open semi-finals

In the series of brainstorming “gunfights”, Lloyd Harris continues to cause many difficulties for Zverev. Thanks to his class and bravery, the reigning Olympic champion won 8-6.

However, entering set 2, the surprise did not happen. The more Zverev fights, the more he shows dominance. He won the break-point in Lloyd Harris’s first serve game, and maintained the advantage until the end of the set to win 6-3.

Continuing the sublimation momentum, the German tennis player won the first 4 games of the third set. Despite his best efforts, Lloyd Harris could only claim a break before sadly accepting to hang up the racket with a score of 4-6. Winning 3-0 overall (set score: 7-6, 6-3, 6-4), Zverev entered the semi-finals of the US Open 2021. His opponent is the winner of the Novak Djokovic – Matteo Berrettini match. .

Match stats

Alexander Zverev

7(8)-6(6), 6-3, 6-4

Lloyd Harris





Double error



1 serve rate


82% (53/65)

Serve 1 to score

75% (47/63)

47% (14/30)

Serve 2 for a point

34% (10/29)

44% (4/9)

Break Point

67% (2/3)

55% (102/187)

total score

45% (85/187)


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