Tennis video Djokovic – Raonic: Tug-of-war, horror 36 ace

Sunday, February 14, 2021 20:56 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) Raonic showed strong fighting spirit but drowned than Djokovic in the physical and psychological end of the game.

The progress of the Djokovic – Raonic match

Facing a Djokovic is difficult to play, but Raonic still shows confidence from the very first game. The Canadian player struggled and was not afraid of Djokovic, while still showing his famous ability to serve. Particularly in set 1, Raonic had 9 ace.

Tennis video Djokovic - Raonic: Tug of the eyes, horrified 36 ace - 1

Djokovic knows how to take advantage

Raonic’s annoying gameplay pulled Djokovic into the tie-break series, but this is when the level of “Nole” is shown. The Serbian player won 2 mini-breaks and ended the tie-break series with a 7-4 victory.

Set 2 was when Raonic showed her highest determination. He won a break against Djokovic in game 5 and then went on to win 6-4. This is also the set in which Raonic shows the ability to “shoot the ball” skillfully with 7 ace, reaching rate of winning the first serve up to 80%.

However, the Canadian player suddenly lost his form in set 3, when Djokovic focused all his attention and experience. “Nole” won 2 consecutive breaks against Raonic and quickly closed the third set with an overwhelming 6-1. This is also the only set where Djokovic outperforms Raonic in ace (4 vs. 3).

The initiative in set 4 still belongs to Djokovic, although Raonic also showed commendable effort. However, the Canadian player’s downward stamina made him play distracting in decisive games. Djokovic won a landmark break in game 9, thereby progressing to the final victory after game 10.

Winning to convince Raonic, Djokovic enters the quarterfinals and will meet German star Alexander Zverev.

Match specifications

Novak Djokovic

7-6 (3), 4-6, 6-1, 6-4

Milos Raonic





Double error



Rate of serve 1

sixty one%

78% (64/82)

1 serve point serve

76% (57/75)

59% (23/39)

2 serve points

48% (23/48)

27% (3/11)

Break Score

33% (1/3)

53% (130/244)

total score

47% (114/244)

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