Tennis seismic in Mexico: The dwarfs once defeated Nadal with hatred for this move

Thursday, March 18, 2021 13:25 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) Schwartzman and Musetti entertained fans with a spectacular match with spectacular performances in the first round of Acapulco.

Video of the classy plays of Schwartzman and Musetti:

Diego Schwartzman, ranked 9th ATP player nicknamed “Dwarf” because of his height of 1m70, possesses a very uncomfortable style. In the past, he once defeated the “king of clay” Rafael Nadal. However, in the first round, Acapulco Schwartzman suddenly stopped before Lorenzo Musetti, a player born in 2002 and 101 ranks behind him on the rankings.

Tennis Seismic in Mexico: 'Dwarfs'  used to beat Nadal to hate because of this move - 1

Diego Schwartzman

The match was extremely attractive with speed net moves and classy small shots. In the first set of Musetti, there were annoying little moves that made “Dwarf” give up even though he tried his best. Although he was broken first, Musetti still calmly fought and turned two games, thereby winning the first set.

Going to set 2 Schwartzman was still the one to break the game first, but this time he did not give the junior player a chance and won with the score 6-2. Entering the final set, Musetti broke two games in a row with his speed net phase and a small conundrum, thereby winning 6-3.

Tennis Seismic in Mexico: 'Dwarfs'  used to beat Nadal to hate because of this move - 3

Beat No. 3 Schwartzman, Musetti straight ahead to round 2 now Mexican Open

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