Tennis opens new year with Australian Open 2022

After all, the Australian Open tennis tournament, the Australian Open 2022 – The first Grand Slam of 2022 has officially kicked off from January 17 to January 30, bringing the most spectacular competitions. In Vietnam, only on K+ TV, fans can watch the entire tournament live with a series of high-class companion programs produced by K+.

K+ TV broadcasts the full Australian Open 2022: The fairest and most extreme Grand Slam

Starting in 2008, with the introduction of rubber rink surface PlexicushionThe Australian Open is known as the fairest tournament in the world. The ball at the Australian Open does not bounce as slowly as at Roland Garros, does not change direction as unpredictable as Wimbledon and does not bounce as fast as the US Open. This neutrality helps players minimize injury and can play at their best.

Not only is the tournament the fairest, but the Australian Open is also the toughest tournament in the Grand Slam system, taking place when the outdoor temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius, forcing the organizers to install a roof. the court to preserve the health and fitness of the players.

At the Australian Open, no player has achieved four consecutive crowns. The monument of the tournament, Novak Djokovic, although he has been crowned 9 times here, only stops at 2 consecutive championships in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2019, 2020, 2021.

K+ TV is the exclusive broadcaster of the Australian Open in Vietnam

This year, without Djokovic participating, is Rafael Nadal full of energy after winning the championship in Melbourne standing on top of glory, or will it be a new name that makes the whole world admire? The answer will be available only on K+ Television. In Vietnam, only K+ can help the audience follow every step of the stars’ journey to claim the throne at the tournament anytime, anywhere, on any platform, with in-depth commentary from experts in the field. field.

K+ TV produces a series of high-class companion programs exclusively for tennis fans

Besides making viewers satisfied with many competitions, in big matches, K+ TV will arrange a double commentary mode with a team of professional commentators and former national tennis players. Those are reputable tennis journalists in Vietnam such as journalist Pham Tan, BLV Thuy Dung, BLV Hai Linh, BLV Tran Son Hoang Minh… They will light the fire and convey the excitement of the matches to the fans through the information. through sharp, standard professional analysis, combined with cultural, historical and human stories related to the tournament or the city hosting the tournament.

In particular, the audience also has the most accurate and comprehensive view of possible controversial ball phases thanks to Piero analysis technology, a “specialty” in the companion show of K+ Television. If football fans are too familiar with the VAR system that helps the referee team track the progress of each sensitive ball, Piero technology provides the same information to the tennis audience. Piero brings 3D image analysis tools, helping commentators create virtual football fields, interact with many different angles and make the most accurate judgments.


In addition to owning the Australian Open copyright, K+ also has the exclusive rights to broadcast many other prestigious sports tournaments

With the leading position in broadcasting sports content in Vietnam, K+ Television always gives the audience the most diverse and complete “sports-filled” experience. Besides owning the Australian Open copyright, K+ is also the exclusive broadcaster of a series of other high-class tennis events such as ATP Tour – Masters 1000, 500, 250, Nitto ATP Finals, NextGen ATP Finals, Laver Cup…

Moreover, K+ is also exclusively broadcasting a variety of other prestigious sports tournaments that are loved by the whole world such as English Premier League football, PGA Tour golf, Champions Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, Formula 1™ racing, MotoGP ™, World Rally Championship, UFC martial arts…

Besides “full of sports”, K+ is currently entertaining the audience with a series of special and diverse New Year entertainment content to welcome a jubilant and exciting New Year like the first K+Original-branded series. favorite – Mother of Evil, Father of Angels (Broadcasting at 20g T2-T3 weekly); A bunch of Hollywood movies like Spider-Man: Far From Home (1st Year), La La Land (2nd day of Tet), Pinocchio (3rd Festival)…; The hit music concerts from top stars: Celine Through The Eyes Of The World (29 Tet), Ariana Grande: Live in London (2nd day of Tet), Alicia Keys: Live in LA (3rd Festival), Michael Jackson: This is it (4th day of Tet)…; Featured entertainment shows: Taste Beyond The Senses (from the 29th of Tet), Vietnam Cinema 2021 (1st day of Tet) with the participation of top V-biz stars: MC Tran Thanh, director Charlie Nguyen, director Phan Gia Nhat Linh, actor Hong Anh, actor – singer Minh Hang, critic Le Hong Lam cinema… and many other attractive programs.


The first series of the popular K+Original brand – Mother of Evil, Father of Angels

Accompanying Vietnamese families to celebrate the jubilant and exciting Lunar New Year 2022, K+ Television also gives all customers a big gift in January 2022:

– For customers who buy K+ HD satellite receiver or K+TV Box: Free full set of equipment worth 1.2 million VND when registering a new subscription with a term of 12 months.

– For customers buying App K+: Only VND 69,000 when buying new (apply for the first month) or renewing the “Full” package worth VND 145,000 to watch K+ TV on mobile devices. At the same time, discount 15,000 VND for the “Link” package when entering the code ‘GIADINH’.



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