Tennis is about to drop the 145-year rule, the person in the fierce controversy

(Tennis news) Tennis is going to abolish the ban on “reminding cards” between matches.

Proposed changes of ATP

Tennis has always been seen as a sport that is different from many other sports, even between opposing sports. In addition to the aspect of competition culture and behavior, players also have to figure out how to win on their own, but they do not have the right to receive “reminders” from coaches like in boxing, MMA and many other sports. other sports.

Tennis is about to drop the 145-year-old law, the person in the fierce controversy - 1

“Reminder” is about to be legalized in tennis matches

However, on June 21, the 145-year-old ban on “reminding cards” in tennis was in danger of being abolished for the first time when the ATP and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) announced the matches. will allow “reminders” as an experimental process for the remainder of 2022, to arrive at new legislation applicable to 2023.

Reminders will be legalized shortly after Wimbledon 2022, which means the US Open 2022 will mark the first time in tennis history that reminders are allowed at a Grand Slam tournament.

Tennis is always an intense game, but it values ​​more than anything else the ability to solve problems in competition, the ability to figure out solutions to win. But over the years, tennis has seen more and more obvious reminders happening, typically the Serena Williams incident in the 2018 US Open women’s singles final and the controversies surrounding Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The issue of reminders has always revolved around the use of hand signs and spoken language, and ATP’s changes to allowing prompts on the tennis court revolve around these two issues.

Accordingly, the players’ coaches must sit near the court on opposite sides, and they are only free to refer when their players are standing on the same side of the court as their seats. Words that directly affect the opponent’s concentration will be considered illegal and lead to demerit points.

Tennis is about to abandon the 145-year-old law, the person in the fierce controversy - 3

Coaches can now talk to their players when they’re on the same side of the court

In addition, players will not be able to talk to their coach when leaving the court, to prevent them from going to the toilet or pretending to be in pain for advice, but using hands as signs is always okay. In addition, the dialogue between the player and the coach is limited to just a few words, which is not really clear.

Supporters make post prompts valid

The fact that many players do not respect the rules makes the rest, even though they follow the rules, feel that it is time for the reminder to be “normalized”. Former world No. 1 Pam Shriver, who now works for ESPN, argues: “It’s about time, we’ve seen how difficult it is for referees to enforce the law and how difficult it is. , so why not make the post prompt valid?”.

American sports journalist Peter Bodo has had more than 40 years of exposure to the tennis world and in his article for the American Tennis magazine on this issue, he quotes coach Brad Stine to provide an explanation for the problem. support for the rule of thumb.

“Tennis officials face a lot of pressure on how to promote tennis closer to the audience. I think this is a good way to achieve that without infringing on the main principles of tennis,” coach Stine said.

Tennis is about to abandon the 145-year-old law, the person in the fierce controversy - 4

Serena Williams “surprised” with the referee in the US Open final 2018, after being discovered by the coach to remind

In fact, in 1999 there was an experiment that allowed reminders to occur once per set in ATP matches, and Andre Agassi thus won 3 championships under the guidance of Brad Gilbert, who at the time. currently working as a columnist for ESPN.

“I was in favor of the 1999 reminder, and it still is 23 years later,” says Gilbert. There are things I still don’t like, but the entertainment value, the drama and the creativity will make the game better.”

Another thing is that if in the past hiring coaches was very expensive, now any player who makes it to the top 500 ATP or WTA can also have his own coach to help him and the advantage of the big players is gone. Ms. Shriver said: “Many players even used things like going to the toilet for a long time or pretending to be in pain to have the opportunity to be reminded by the coach, and today no one is without a coach.”

Many people object, let the players think for themselves how to win

So the opinion of those who decided not to mention the article has been legalized? Former world No. 1 player Jim Courier thinks that allowing reminders to help increase the attractiveness of matches is just an opinion. “Do WTA Tour matches allow reminders and I wanted to ask how many tennis fans would rather watch those matches than Grand Slam matches?” asked Courier.

Tennis is about to drop the 145-year rule, the person in the fierce controversy - 5

Medvedev “scoured” his coach, and the coach quietly left the field

In his article, Peter Bodo posed another problem: “The audience is probably not very interested when listening to the coaches giving tactical instructions to the players at that time, whose faces were pale from fatigue due to competition. competition, and time is always limited, making the coach’s words sometimes not worth much. Besides, how foolish are the coaches to say their instructions when everyone can hear them?”

Jimmy Arias, a former American tennis player who is now the director of the IMG Tennis Academy, thinks that the entertainment value that reminders bring is not necessarily positive. “The coach will definitely be 100% under pressure, I know some players who take their anger out on their coaches and when prompted to repeat insults, because they are still employees of the players. . Sometimes the coaches look like babysitters,” commented Arias.

Nick Kyrgios is one of the strongest opponents of prompting, even though he and Tsitsipas are close friends. “Let the players think for themselves how to win, so we can see who is better and more deserving. That’s the beauty of tennis, a real combat sport,” emphasized Kyrgios.


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