Tenant Adriane accuses: My mold apartment makes me sick!

Your dream apartment has turned into a nightmare!

Adriane’s (40) eyes are red and festering, she has a headache and sore throat. The reason: black mold in your 2-room maisonette apartment (60 square meters, why 650 euros) in Bochum (North Rhine-Westphalia)!


It all started in February 2021: in the middle of the night, a valve burst in the neighboring apartment. The result: Adrianes apartment is flooded. A short time later the toilet pump breaks.

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The office worker to BILD: “It was terrible!”

This recent cell phone photo clearly shows Adriane’s puffy facePhoto: private

Every time she informs the responsible property management, the “Prokonzept”, which has offices in Dortmund, Schwerte and Bochum. But these are hardly or difficult to reach for the tenant.

Adriane: “The employees just hung up and didn’t even react to the letters from our lawyer.”

Tradespeople will come at some point, but they are only making makeshift renovations. The walls stayed damp, says Adriane. During this time, the young woman commutes back and forth between her parents in Hamm and Bochum, 65 kilometers away.

But that is not the solution: “At some point an employee of the property management told me that I could go to the hotel. But how could I have done that? I have no money to advance the accommodation costs. “

Mold spores spread over the walls of the two-room apartment

All the walls in the 2-room apartment are going moldyPhoto: Marc Vollmannshauser

The last remnant is Adriane’s flood of the century on the night of July 14th. She had just bought a new bed and new furniture, and the basement apartment is already under water again. Over and over again she contacts “Prokonzept”. Without success!

Even today, water seeps from the tiles in the basement. Black mold has formed on all the walls.

Desperate Adriane writes to BILD: “In the meantime, my health is badly damaged. Even an expert asked me how I could survive here. “

BILD asked the property management team. They do not respond to phone calls and only after repeated inquiries to a written request. Managing director Nils Wefers wrote in an email: “We are not accompanying this process, the insurance experts do that with the damage repairer.”

Adriane is desperate and cannot understand why she is being left in the lurch. She just wants to get out …

You can see how BILD confronts the landlord in the video above.

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