Teenager falls to his death from the freefall tower: the last photo before the crash

Orlando (USA) – A terrible accident: A 14-year-old boy fell to his death in an amusement park. He fell out of a so-called freefall tower.

Tire Sampson was with a friend’s family from Missouri at the well-known ICON Park in Orlando. Photos show Tire sitting in the ride. Presumably, however, his safety bar did not close properly.

Close-up of the Freefall Tower seats. Riders are pulled up and down by the ride – Tire Sampson (small photo) slipped out of his seat because the bar was probably not properly closedPhoto: Facebook , Willie J Allen Jr./AP

Eyewitness Montrey Williams told Fox 35: “At first we thought it was part of the ride or whatever, until we got a little closer and it was a person lying on the ground. Everyone was panicking and screaming.”

The Icon amusement park in Orlando on Thursday evening.  Right in the picture: the freefall tower where the boy fell

The Icon amusement park in Orlando on Thursday evening. Right in the picture: the freefall tower from which the boy fellPhoto: Stephen M. Dowell/AP

Tire’s father said to the broadcaster: His son weighed around 150 kilograms and was almost two meters tall. Why didn’t anyone point out to him at the entrance that he might not be able to ride? Why didn’t anyone check security?

In addition, the father cannot understand that it took ten minutes for an ambulance to arrive at the scene of the accident at ICON Park.

The ride is closed until further notice

The ride is closed until further noticePhoto: Willie J. Allen Jr./AP

The tower only opened last December and, according to the Icon amusement park, is the tallest in the world at 131 meters. It then heads towards the ground at 120 kilometers per hour.

John Stine of the Slighshot Group, which owns the tower, told the Associated Press that there have been no problems with the ride so far. Stine continued: “We are absolutely saddened and devastated by what has happened. Our hearts go out to this young man’s family.”

Up to 30 people can be accommodated in the tower. One seat has shoulder straps with two handles at chest level that drivers pull down and open automatically at the end of the ride.

An inspector was seen Friday sitting in a driver’s seat with his seat belt over his shoulders while another inspector took measurements.

The amusement park said: “The owner of the attraction is fully cooperating with the authorities. Icon Park is doing everything in its power to help.”


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