Tech Tips: Who has blocked you on WhatsApp, know easily

Are you not getting a reply to a message sent to someone on WhatsApp or don’t see the front display picture for a long time? It is possible that you have been blocked by the person in front. If someone has blocked you, WhatsApp does not tell you due to the privacy of the user. Therefore, the blocked user is not aware many times that they have been blocked. However, we are telling you some ways, with the help of which you can know which of the contacts in your phone book has blocked you.

Missing online or last scene

If a user is not showing you online even when he is online, then it means that the user has blocked you. In the chat section, when the user is online, the contact name is written online below. Many users keep their last scene hidden. You can find out through your mutual friend whether they can see all the details of that user or not.

Don’t see the profile picture

If a user has uploaded his profile photo and you do not see the photo, then the user has blocked you. It also happens many times that users take away their profile photos. In such a situation, check whether the user has picked a profile from another WhatsApp account.

Single mark on sending message

You sent a message to a user. If the single check mark is visible even after the message is sent and your message is not delivered to the user, then it means the user has blocked you.

Check by calling

If a user has blocked you, then you will not be able to make a WhatsApp call to that user. Your call will ring but the user will not get your call.

How to block surplus number on Whatsapp

Click on the blocking WhatsApp contact
Go to the account details of that contact
Scroll to the bottom and click on the block contact
After that, that contact will be blocked and this process will unblock

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