Tears in Heaven – These stars lost their children too

It’s the worst that can happen to a parent – the death of your own child.

2019: Ben Goldsmith

Banker Ben Goldsmith lost his daughter Iris Annabel († 15) in a quad accident in July 2019 Photo: Getty Images

On July 8th, Annabel († 15), the daughter of British millionaire Ben Goldsmith (40) and Kate Rothschild (39), had an accident on the family’s estate in Somerset – also with a quad. The vehicle overturned while driving. Goldsmith opened his heart with a message on Twitter: “Dear God, can I have my beautiful, great, dear, little girl back, please?”

2001: Ursula Karven

On June 16, Brandon Lee, son of rocker Tommy Lee (58) and TV icon Pamela Anderson (54), celebrated his fifth birthday in Los Angeles. Among the guests: Daniel († 4), son of TV star Ursula Karven (56). At 4.15 p.m. Karven received a call from another mother: “Daniel had an accident.” The boy drowned in the pool.

2019: Stephanie von Pfuel

Stephanie Countess von Pfuel's son Karl Bagusat († 26) was killed by a speedster in March 2019

Stephanie Countess von Pfuel’s son Karl Bagusat († 26) was killed by a speedster in March 2019Photo: WireImage

On March 20, Karl “Charly” Bagusat († 26), son of Coffee Countess Stephanie von Pfuel (60), was hit by a speeder while crossing the street in Berlin-Mitte. Bagusat died six days later from his serious injuries.

1991: Eric Clapton

Conor Clapton was only four years old

Conor Clapton was only four years oldPhoto: action press

They hadn’t paid attention for a moment … Conor Clapton († 4), son of rock legend Eric Clapton (76), was alone with his mother Lory and her housekeeper in the New York apartment on the 53rd floor of the Galleria on March 21. Blocks of flats. Conor had been playing hide and seek when he fell out of a floor-to-ceiling window. Clapton later wrote a song for his dead son: “Tears in Heaven” (1992, “Tears in Heaven”).

1981: Romy Schneider

July 5th of the year was the day on which Romy Schneider’s († 43) life broke. While trying to climb over a high fence onto the property of Daniel Biasini’s parents (72), Romy’s son David († 14) lost his balance and fell on the metal spikes of the fence. The doctors tried to save him for four hours. Vain. Romy dies a year later. She rests next to her son in the Boissy-sans-Avoir cemetery (near Paris).


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