Teacher Elke W. (60) shot dead in Guatemala: shocked husband saw everything

Guatemala City – The killers wore black, they came on a motorcycle. They opened fire without warning, Elke W. (60) had no chance.

Fatal attack on a German teacher in Guatemala!

Elke W. had been working with her husband in Central America for three years. On Thursday the couple drove through the capital of Guatemala, where Elke W. taught at the German school.

The robbers had pulled up to the car on a motorcycle and shot through the passenger doorPhoto: Twitter / WalterHermosilla

Robbed and shot in cold blood

▶ ︎ The fatal shots occurred in the La Reformita district, just five kilometers from her workplace. According to the police report, the two perpetrators had seen that the window on the passenger side of the family BMW was down. They approached on a motorcycle, robbed the teacher and shot.

Local police reported that her husband, who was behind the wheel, was unharmed. Further details were initially not given, the public prosecutor took over the investigation.

The central district of La Reformita is considered particularly dangerous. According to a report in the newspaper “Prensa Libre”, there was recently a series of robberies there by armed men on motorcycles. For travelers to Guatemala, “the risk of assaults and the low inhibition threshold for the use of force have been pointed out for a long time,” a spokeswoman for the Federal Foreign Office told BILD.

According to the Foreign Office, Elke W.’s relatives are now being supported by the embassy in Guatemala. The perpetrators are still on the run.

1705 murders in one year

Guatemala (17 million inhabitants) in Central America is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Crime is particularly high in Guatemala City.

▶ ︎The Foreign Office in Berlin warns: “Assaults on pedestrians and drivers take place at any time of the day, even in heavy rush hour traffic, and are usually committed by several armed perpetrators together.”

According to a study by the Mexican NGO “Citizens’ Council”, there were 1,705 murders in Guatemala City (3 million inhabitants) in 2017.


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