Teach your children how to love themselves to live the way they want

Many parents always expect their children to succeed but ignore their true desires, causing their children to live an unsatisfactory life.

Albert Einstein famously said: “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it is stupid”. Likewise, when having a child, every parent wants their child to be successful in school, achieve success, and have a happy family home… However, sometimes, their child is a winning fish. Parents wish to be able to climb trees as in the above sentence.

Children often carry a lot of pressure about success and fear of disappointing their parents. Image: Generali Vietnam

Besides, thinking that filial piety is synonymous with obedience, following the request of parents also exists in many generations of Vietnamese people. Many parents have refused the opportunity for their children to live true to their passions and ambitions. This inadvertently causes children to follow social standards, living a life that is not really what they want. The more parents expect, the more children are afraid of disappointing their parents and the pressure to succeed is also increasing on their children’s shoulders.

Until I saw my child because he followed the great expectations of his parents and then accidentally forgot to take care of himself – missed breakfasts, going early to late at night, not getting enough sleep… the new born person received it. My biggest desire is to wish you happiness, being able to live for yourself, the way you want.

This situation is the reason for the release of the short film “Love yourself a little, make life as you wish” to be released, telling the story of a mother’s “tiny expectations” for her daughter. The film was actively shared by the online community, attracting more than 16 million followers on social networks after just over a week of its release. Sympathetic words from both generations – young people and parents are also left in the comments section below the film.

Before having a child, the mother in the movie expected many things, from having her child study well and have a glorious career to finding a happy place with a worthy person. But in reality, when I see you work hard to achieve success as social standards set, I wish for more “tiny” things like every morning you sleep a little more, have breakfast, go to work. leave early, spend time with friends so that you won’t be orphaned, love anyone as long as you’re happy…

Love yourself a little, give life as you want to tell the story of a mother's tiny expectations for her daughter.  Photo: Generali Vietnam

“Love yourself a little, make life as you want” tells the story of a mother’s “tiny” expectations for her daughter. Image: Generali Vietnam

Behind this short film is the Italian insurance brand Generali. This unit owns the inspirational short film series “Living as you wish” that brings positive messages, encourages understanding and sympathy for loved ones, thereby directing the community to a fulfilling life. , happier.

Through the film, Generali wants to convey the message that each person can only be truly happy when they are themselves. On that road, there is nothing better than having your family by your side no matter who you are.

Teach your children how to love themselves to live the way they want

Short film “Love yourself a little, give life as you want”. Video: Generali Vietnam

On this occasion, the mother “Hong Dao” in the film also had the opportunity to share in the podcast series ‘Have A Sip’ about her family life, how the expectations for her children have changed over time and how she understand and accept generational differences. At the same time, she also shared about her children’s choices, so that they can live right and pursue their passions, interests and have the happiest life as desired.

With parents, sometimes with just a little less expectation, children have a stronger psychological support. Please accept and share so that your child can live as he or she wants, even though sometimes that is not really what the parents want.

The short film “Love yourself a little, give life as you want” and the podcast “Hong Dao, Untold Story” once again express Generali’s message of “Living as you wish”. Generali always aims to be a lifelong companion to stand by, protect and accompany customers through the ups and downs of life. For the most difficult times, customers still have a fulcrum to rest or become a solid fulcrum for loved ones.

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