“Tatort Deutschland”: BILD presents podcast with Sky du Mont!

Spectacular cases and facts, prepared with the competence of Germany’s largest police department: The new podcast series “Tatort Germany – the crime documentary by BILD” starts this weekend with the documentary: “The undercover agent” Jan Sander. After that, another episode will appear every week. The voice of the crime podcast: Sky du Mont (74)!

“This mix of exciting stories and good research is a new experience for me in my long life as an artist,” enthuses the actor.

The story of Jan Sander is told at the beginning of the report “Der V-Mann”. As a “double agent”, he mixed up the Hamburg red light district and was in acute danger of his life. The double episode “Clans von Berlin” traces the prehistory and present of organized crime by large families.

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Jan Sander alias “Miami Gianni” got into life several times as an undercover agent of the LKA Hamburg. Other episodes deal with the “Killer von Herne”, who in 2017 killed two people in cold blood. It also tells the life of the “German Escobar”, Ronald Miehling, who went down in crime history as the snow king.Photo: Malte Krudewig

“We are exploring how we can pass on exclusive content and fascinating BILD stories on the audio platforms. This is an opportunity that arises from working in print, online and TV, ”says BILD boss Johannes Boie. “Our chief reporter Christin Wahl and Frank Schneider as well as the audio specialists from ‘Wake Word Studios’ impressively show how gripping you can script and set such stories to music today.”

Sky du Mont is the voice of the new podcast series

Sky du Mont is the voice of the new podcast series “Tatort Germany – the crime documentary from BILD” Photo: Wolfgang Wilde

“With Sky du Mont, BILD was able to win one of Germany’s most beautiful and best-known speakers for the project. That really gave the work a boost, ”enthuses“ Wake Word ”boss Sven Rühlicke. Axel Springer has also had a stake in the production company founded by him and Ruben Schulze-Fröhlich since December 2020.


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