Talk about boys dating hotgirls online

Becoming the boyfriend of a social media celebrity, they have to sacrifice their personal life and be ready to act in front of the camera.

Pete Davidson is more interested after dating American TV star Kim Kardashian. In a series of newly shared photos, many people noticed his strange appearance. Some people suspect that Kim Kardashian used the technique of editing her boyfriend’s nose and jawline.

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has been caught doing this. Davidson became a victim many times, his face became distorted and deformed when his girlfriend edited it too much.

The actual image of Pete Davidson on television (left) and the image posted by his girlfriend (right). Image: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Jeff Damisse, 37, of New York, USA understands Davidson’s feelings. Like Davidson, Jeff once dated a social network hotgirl in 2016.

Jeff describes his girlfriend as having similarities with singer Ciara. But their popularity on social media makes their love story a lot of trouble. His ex-girlfriend can take hundreds of self-portraits day and night. “She shares everything, including sensitive photos. We have no privacy,” Jeff said and said he took the initiative to say goodbye because he thought his girlfriend’s behavior was indecent.

Men’s lifestyle expert Aaron Marino, 45, says Jeff’s decision is a bit extreme, but understandable. “Dating with stars makes them feel nervous, nervous when they have to appear in public. Both can’t enjoy private moments, always endure stares and detractors,” Marino said. .

In addition, the other party is also forced to be famous, even though there is no desire or need to be noticed.

Andrew Zrakas and his girlfriend Bousquet share their life on their personal page.  Photo: Andrew Zrakas

Andrew Zrakas and his girlfriend Bousquet share their life on their personal page. Image: Andrew Zrakas

Andrew Zrakas, 27 years old, from North Carolina, USA never dreamed of becoming a social media star. But when his fifth girlfriend, 28-year-old Kristen Bousquet, turned to work as an online content creator at the end of 2019, he suddenly caught the attention of the public.

After appearing in the lover’s clips, Zrakas’ personal account attracted more than 42,000 followers. Net users likened him to “Romeo”, “the ideal type of lover that every girl always aspires to”.

Since becoming famous, Zrakas said that he has to mentally prepare himself to act anywhere, whether brushing his teeth or working. “This gradually became my daily life,” says Zrakas.

But many times, the 27-year-old feels uncomfortable and inconvenient when he has to pose and act everywhere. Many times he was kicked out of the meal by his lover to take pictures for Instagram. “After all, I knew I should do it to support my fiancé. And gradually, I became a reluctant photographer and found joy in every photo,” he confided.

Minh Phuong (According to the New York Post)


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