Take 23 family members to the date to ‘eat’

ChinaTo check on a date, the girl brought relatives and then organized a meal at a luxury restaurant.

Due to unstable work and income, Xiao Liu, 29, in Zhejiang does not yet have a girlfriend. His mother was worried, thanks to a matchmaker. After a while, the girl surnamed Luong, 25 years old, was introduced and they closed a date on October 4.

Just met, Liu felt extremely confused when the girl brought 23 people who were introduced as family members. “Everyone wants to meet him for an objective evaluation”, Ms. Luong explained.

After a few words of courtesy, Ms. Luong led everyone to a luxury restaurant for lunch. After eating and drinking, Xiao Liu went to the checkout counter but saw the bill of 19,800 yuan (more than 68 million dong), he was very angry, threw the bill on the ground and moved his feet. After that, this man turned off the phone and left.

The bills that Salary has to pay for the meals of 23 family members. Image: the paper.

“Where did you go? My relatives and I had to pay their own money”, Luong angrily texted Tieu Liu after a day of being unable to contact.

Xiao Liu then texted Ms. Liang, saying that he only accepted the payment of 4,398 yuan (15 million dong), enough for the meals of two people. “The other meals she pays because they are all family members bring,” the man texted.

In the end, Luong had to pay up to 15,402 yuan for meals for 23 family members. This girl said that Tieu Luu should have to pay more because he ordered more alcohol and cigarettes, while the girl’s family just ate. When Luong shared this information with relatives, they all quietly paid money without daring to blame half of the word.

After the story made a lot of noise on social networks, many people criticized Tieu Luu for being miserly, not worthy of a man, so there was no girlfriend at that age. However, others said that Ms. Luong was “nothing” when she was dating and brought her family to “eat”.

Vy Trang (The paper)


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