Syrians attacked gay couple: life imprisonment for Dresden knife murderer

Two tourists are walking through Dresden’s city center on an October evening when they are suddenly brutally attacked with two knives – in the middle of the street, in the heart of the Saxon capital. Thomas L. (55) from Krefeld dies of his serious injuries, his partner Oliver (53) is seriously injured.

Dresden – The verdict against ISIS terrorist Abdullah al Haj Hasan (21) was passed on Friday. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment for murder, attempted murder and dangerous physical harm. The State Security Senate also sees a particular gravity of the guilt.

The court thus followed the request of Federal Prosecutor Marcel Croissant (44). “The accused acted for radical Islamist and homophobic motives. It was an attack on all of us because it was an attack on our values ​​and our coexistence, ”he said in his plea.

According to the indictment, the 21-year-old had planned an attack in Germany for years, but was unable to implement it due to imprisonment. For him, the couple were “representatives of a liberal and open social order that he rejected as“ unbeliever ””. The accused wanted to punish the men with death for what he saw as a “serious sin”.

He stabbed the men with this knife

Photo: Roland Halkasch / dpa

The two tourists – chance victims. The assassin reported to an expert that the two men were holding hands. The attack came from behind. Shortly before that, the 21-year-old said he had doubts again. But by taking an oath to God, he felt obliged to carry out the deed.

The Syrian stabbed both men almost at the same time, who went down and called for help. The perpetrator fled and hid in a house, only in the morning did he go back to his accommodation.

Already classified as a hazard in 2017

Only a few days before the attack, Abdullah al Haj Hasan was released from the Regis-Breitingen juvenile prison and was under supervision. The authorities classified him as a threat as early as 2017.

At the time, the criminal court saw it as proven that H. not only used ISIS symbols in his Facebook profile, but also propagated jihad via social networks and called on like-minded people to fight as martyrs against so-called infidels.

He also searched the Internet for instructions on how to build an explosives belt. According to BILD information, he planned an explosives attack on folk festivals such as the Dresden Vogelwiese or the film nights on the banks of the Elbe in 2017!

ISIS supporters in Dresden Terrorist searched the net for explosive belts

The Islamic scholar Dr. In 2018, Steinberg from Berlin prepared an expert opinion for the investigators from the data secured at the time, such as chat, pictures and videos.

It emerged from this that “the accused had been advocating a jihadist ideology since early summer 2017, increasingly turning to ISIS and finally, as its supporter, worried about carrying out an assassination attempt,” said a statement on the court’s verdict.

The Higher Regional Court found the then 18-year-old Syrian guilty and sentenced him to two years and nine months imprisonment under juvenile criminal law.

Abdullah Al Haj Hasan arrived in October 2015 as an unaccompanied minor, applied for asylum in May 2016 and was granted refugee status. Already in the asylum home he recruited followers for ISIS! And threatened people of different faiths. He wrote to a refugee of Christian faith: “I will slaughter you today. You have a big mouth and I’ll cut off your tongue, you Christian. “


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