Switzerland: German has to go to jail for 18 years for murder of millionaire girlfriend

He wanted her money – the paid million heiress Anna Reed († 22) with their life.

Now a Swiss court has sentenced the German Marc Schatzle (32) to 18 years for the murder of his girlfriend. The heavily indebted bouncer strangled her in a luxury hotel in Muralto in 2019.

The killer’s cheap excuse: it was an accident during consensual sex games with strangleholdings.

But his lie was exposed in court. The prosecution was convinced: It was murder out of greed!

Schatzle’s defense attorney initially did not comment on the verdict when asked. The man can appeal.

Reed had graduated and took a year off in 2019 to travel the worldPhoto: Anna Florence Reed on facebook

The Brit and Schatzle met in Thailand, just two months before Reed’s death. Then they toured the world together: They traveled to Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai. Reed, who bore most of the cost, posted snapshots on Facebook.

On the evening of the crime, the couple is said to have ordered a bottle of champagne and then retired to the hotel room. Hotel guests testified in court that they heard loud screams and the noise of “falling objects” from the room.

Later, according to the indictment, Schatzle came to reception. He was excited and asked to call the ambulance – his girlfriend is not doing well.

In the elevator, Anna Reed hid her credit card behind a panel – to pick her up there later and empty her account. Schatzle owed at least 46,000 euros.


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