Swimming pool for rent – a private pool for a day

The sun is shining, it’s 30 degrees. Get into the water!

Leander (24), Lando (24), Jim (24), Emil (23) and Heinrich (24) from Berlin romp in the natural pool. The group has rented it – they are pool owners for an afternoon!

The four-by-eight-meter pool belongs to Dirk (52) and Manolito (48). The couple from Brandenburg rents their pool on the internet platform “swimmy”. The rental model has existed in Germany since April 2021. 40 owners are already participating nationwide. Dirk explains: “When we heard about it, we immediately thought: Why don’t we do it too? Then we can make others happy. “

Pool owners and pool landlords: Dirk and Manolito from Brandenburg

Pool owners and pool landlords: Dirk and Manolito from BrandenburgPhoto: Wolf Lux

For 30 euros per person, up to eight guests can spend half a day in their garden, including the use of the toilet. The five Berlin boys have rented: “We don’t have to lie in the open air pool or by the lake like sardines.”

Do Dirk and Manolito have no problem with the strangers in the garden? “No. During the day we have to work from home anyway. When everyone is gone, we jump into our pool ourselves. “

Swimming pool for rent: a private pool for one day
Photo: BILD


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