Swedish household company’s efforts to reduce 39,000 tons of clothing waste – VnExpress

Designers collect clothes, clean and cut them into pieces according to random shapes, combine them to create personalized strapless dresses, long coats, short skirts… After shaping, page The clothes are dyed in the washing machine with two colors purple and green. Asymmetrical colors give a feeling of imperfection, implying showing off fashion personality, the fun of wearing recycled items.

The entire collection has 11 pieces of clothing In the small collection there are 11 pieces of clothing, including a denim dog suit, a pair of patched denim knee-high boots. The creators said all designs will not be for sale, they are only displayed to inspire a new way of looking at and caring for clothes.

The work of the Swedish fashion house also aims to increase attention to the increasing problem of fashion waste. This is also an example: a change in consumer behavior will provide a solution to a general environmental problem.

Rave Review was founded in 2017 by two Swedish designers: Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück. This brand often launches high-end collections from recycled materials such as blankets, curtains, towels… Many designs are featured in Vogue, GucciFest and promoted by supermodel Kylie Jenner, actress Emma Watson.


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