Survive on a deserted island with two lemons

BrazilMr. Nelson Nedy lived for 5 days on a deserted island on two lemons, charcoal and some fresh water, after being washed away by waves on August 8.

The 51-year-old man visited Mirador do Roncador, an attraction near Grumari beach (Brazil). While standing on the edge of the rock to admire the surrounding scenery, Mr. Nelson was suddenly hit by a large wave, shoved into the water and pulled away from the shore.

“I was pulled about four kilometers from the shore by the wave,” he said.

Mr. Nelson Nedy was stranded on a deserted island after waves pulled into the sea on August 8. Image: Handout

After a long soak in the water, Mr. Nelson washed up on Palmas, an uninhabited island. Trying to call for help, but in vain, he found a shelter on the island to recover from the collision with the rapids.

On the second day, he got up early and began to explore the island. Climbing a tall rock with an old rope that someone had left behind, Mr. Nelson discovered a makeshift tent close to the beach. When he climbed down, he found two lemons and a soft drink bottle on the ground.

“I ate two lemons in a delicious way to quench my thirst,” he said.

In the tent, Mr. Nelson found an old blanket and used them to attract the attention of people at Grumani Beach, but failed because of the distance.

On the third day, he tried to swim inland but soon gave up because of the high tide. He also tried to put together a piece of foam and a plywood door found on the island into a vehicle, but failed.

In the following days, Nelson was forced to drink seawater, even trying to eat charcoal when he saw the monkeys do the same. “It didn’t hurt my stomach, but they made my mouth drier and stuck to my teeth,” he recalls.

The 51-year-old man was brought ashore by rescuers on August 13.  Photo: G1

The 51-year-old man was brought ashore by rescuers on August 13. Photo: G1

On August 13, when he was exhausted from hunger and lack of water, Mr. Nelson saw some tourists surfing on jet skis near the island, so he signaled for help. He was quickly rescued and transferred to Lourenco Jorge Hospital in Barra da Tijuca for a check-up.

Mr. Nelson Nedy is now home and in the process of recovering.

Minh Phuong (According to Unilad, The Sun)


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