Survival artists!: Top artists from all over the world in the Leipzig parking lot


Top artists from all over the world in the Leipzig parking lot

Leipzig – Admittedly, there used to be more glamour. They performed at the Cirque de Soleil, in Las Vegas or at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. And now? In the parking lot between Hit-Markt and Porta at the Old Fair …

But for the 30 top-class artists from all over the world it’s about survival. Two years of Corona have pulverized the industry. No audience, no performances, no fees.

The show (“Fireworks of Artistry”) at the Old Fair is a new beginning. “We want to make a statement and for the artists who depend on finally being able to perform again,” says organizer Denny Renz (42).

At the beginning of January he had searched online for artists worldwide. “Within an hour we had 2000 applications…”

The show in Leipzig runs until March 6th, tickets are available from 26 euros.

“I’ve played in over 1,000 shows in the last eleven years, I’ve been to Las Vegas and the Friedrichstadtpalast,” says US juggler VIKTOR KEE (50). Then Corona came and the number of performances went to zero. “At least I used the time to rehearse new choreographies. So the people of Leipzig are experiencing a premiere!”

Photo: Susann Friedrich

“We sat at home in Ukraine, waiting, training and waiting again,” says Liidia Kolomoiets (25) from SKA VOYAGE BALLET. “Leipzig is our comeback, a new beginning. After that we will look for a new contract.”

Photo: Susann Friedrich

“It was a tough time,” say acrobats Dana, 27, and Olena, 24, from THE THREE G. “We could hardly train, didn’t perform, didn’t earn anything. We still stuck to our strict meal plan, always hoping that we could start again tomorrow…”

Photo: Susann Friedrich


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