Surprisingly clear verdict – German Totraser from Lake Garda have to go to jail

Brescia (Italy) – In the trial of the fatal boat accident on Italy’s Lake Garda, the verdict was pronounced against the two accused Germans.

Boat driver Patrick K. (52) was sentenced to four years and six months in prison for manslaughter and failure to provide assistance. His friend Christian T., the owner of the “Riva”, was sentenced to 2 years 11 months. In addition, his luxury boat, the Riva Aquarama, will be drafted.

A surprisingly clear verdict. The defense’s tactic of blaming the victims didn’t work.

After the verdict was announced, Patrick K. showed no emotion behind his mask. But he is comforted by his wife.

Umberto GarzarellaPhoto: private

Greta Nedrotti

Greta NedrottiPhoto: Robert Gongoll

The German tourists stated in the trial that they had not noticed on June 19, 2021 that they had rammed a boat and a couple at around 11:30 p.m. Instead, they assumed a collision with driftwood. Judge Mauroernesto Macca didn’t believe them. Patrick K. remains under house arrest until the verdict is final, his friend is free. He is to be housed in an “alternative prison”.

The horror accident on Lake Garda

The victims, Umberto Garzarella († 37) and Greta Nedrotti († 25) had only recently been a couple – and the romantic Lake Garda trip in the wooden boat was one of the first they did together.

Karte/Map: Fatal boat accident on Lake Garda - Infographic

When the luxurious and powerful motorboat “Riva Aquarama” with the German tourists on board crashed into the wooden boat, Umberto Garzarella died immediately from his serious injuries. His girlfriend went overboard at around 11:30 p.m. Her body was later found in the port of Portese. According to the coroner, Greta might have been saved.


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