Surprised the team hired a coach for 2 days and kicked it out because the fans wanted it

Thursday, August 12, 2021 16:17 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports News) A hockey club attracted attention with the decision to fire the coach at the request of the fans.

The Toronto Marlies ice hockey club in recent days is witnessing a deep split of opinion among fans. The reason is because this club has just made a controversial decision regarding the position of coach.

Dusty Imoo hired as goalkeeping coach for Toronto Marlies

Last Sunday the Marlies announced their decision to appoint coach Dusty Imoo as goalkeeping coach. However, soon after this club’s fans predicted that he would be fired, even some fans spoke up on social networks asking Marlies to check Imoo’s social media usage history because they thought Imoo was a a racist and anti-vaccine person.

The fact that a series of comments and statuses that Imoo posted on his Twitter account revealed that this coach had political views caused many negative reactions from public opinion. He appears to be an anti-gay & transgender, racist, but most notably supports the riots that took over the US Capitol earlier this year and opposes the requires Americans to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

On Tuesday, August 10, under pressure from fans, the Marlies Club decided to fire Imoo and the management board of this team sent a statement apologizing to the fans for not following the recruitment process thoroughly. . This decision received a warm response from the majority of fans.

However, there are many opinions, both from fans of the club and outside the club, that it is not right for Marlies to fire Imoo. One Twitter user wrote: “This is just my opinion, but Imoo has the right to believe what he wants to believe and the Marlies Club has no reason to fire people for their beliefs.”

Others argue that Imoo has a right to stand his ground in a democracy.

Surprised that the team hired a coach for 2 days was " chased"  because fans want it like that - 3

The announcement of the Toronto Marlies about the dismissal of coach Dusty Imoo, just 2 days after the appointment

However, there are many people who oppose these views. One Marlies fan wrote: “He has the right to believe what he wants to believe but Marlies has the same right and has the right to fire someone else against their will. His ideas and opinions have consequences and if it’s bad for Marlies, they have the right to kick him out.”

Another fan wrote: “In these perilous times it is a bad thing for him to be against vaccines. How will he speak if the players are infected with Covid-19? Will he be held accountable if the players learn from his way of thinking and despise vaccines? While we all have to get vaccinated to expect the situation to return to normal soon?”


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