Super boxer quit his job because Mike Tyson was knocked out, revealing the unexpected

Sunday, February 28, 2021 16:04 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Mike Tyson was the direct cause of the majestic heavyweight champion to quit his job.

Tyson’s knockout video caused Bruno to retire from Boxing:

Without Mike Tyson, the career of the European heavyweight boxing champion, Frank Bruno, was much more sublimated. The “steel puncher” was the one who stopped Bruno in the 1989 heavy four belt match, and it was Tyson who took the game down and took the heavy WBC belt and made Bruno retire in 1996.

Tyson defeated Bruno in 1996, causing his opponent to retire

Tyson can be considered as “the number 1 enemy” of the British boxer, nicknamed “the true Brit”, but after 25 years Bruno now considers Mike Tyson a friend. Even the 59-year-old former puncher claimed that they considered each other like brothers when the man met Tyson in the US to join the documentary film produced by Sky.

Despite being knocked out by Tyson, taking the WBC belt and depressed to retire, Bruno never considered the “Steel Fist” as an enemy, Bruno told SunSport: “It’s sad to see what happened. with Mike after he retired, but I was also in a difficult situation during that time. Tyson has always been known as a freaky, nasty guy, but he is actually a very nice and humble person. ” .

“If you think I went through a hard time (used to be depressed), then you need to remember Mike, he went through a lot of hardships. I’m glad to know that you are now. He’s living a good, happy life. I don’t have a grudge against Mike, I feel like a brother to Mike “, different from the thought that many Bruno people always consider Mike as a friend.

Super boxer quit his job because he was knocked out by Mike Tyson, revealing the unexpected - 3

Unexpectedly, Bruno (right) did not see Tyson as an “enemy” but likened to a brother

Frank Bruno, 59 years old, was born in London, England. He played professionally from the age of 21, experienced 44 games, in which he won 40 games and lost only 4. In Bruno’s 4 defeats there were 2 times he lost to “Steel Punch” and both times. stick knock-out. The first time Bruno was knocked out in the 5th half, the second could not get up in the third.

Failure to Tyson is also the last time people see “true Brit” step into the ring. He retired from Boxing to deal with injuries and mental problems.

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