Sunny house for children Da Nang for parents

With the desire to live with parents and children growing up with their grandparents, the 8x son built a house on the land of more than 200 m2.

Three-generation house for three generations in a family of six. Three floors of the house are clearly divided according to usage needs. The first floor layout connects open spaces, stretches along the ground floor and a bedroom overlooking the back garden. The second floor consists of four bedrooms, with a connecting patio and a common lounge. The third floor is for the traditional spiritual space of the family.

When viewed horizontally, the work is like a combination of 3 “small houses”, each “house” has an independent roof system. The “small house” in the middle is the floor space, acting as a transition between private areas, and at the same time creating cross ventilation to help open the building.

Throughout the whole house are wooden doors, in which the exterior doors look out to the garden and the interior doors open to the common living space. Thanks to that, the rooms are windy, sunny and connected to each other.

Large doors open to the garden help open the space inside. Photo: Quang Dam.

From the ground floor up the stairway, before entering the bedrooms, is a “display space of natural light”. The natural sunlight changes continuously during the day help the house come alive.

The building uses concrete, red brick, grinding stone and wood. These materials keep the home from getting hot on days when temperatures are above 40 degrees Celsius.

The space inside the house.  Photo: Quang Dam.

The space inside the house. Photo: Quang Dam.

After moving in, the homeowner’s parents are most satisfied with the coolness and airy of the house and the children are happy because they can run and jump freely. For husband and wife, the house has helped them fulfill their greatest desire that the whole family can live together.

See drawings of the project here.

Click to see more pictures of the project.

Minh Trang

Image: Quang Dam

Design: HinzStudio


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