Suggest a gift of health for loved ones during Tet

As we age, parents’ bodies have psychological and physiological changes compared to youth and middle age. Therefore, caring for parents in old age needs more attention. This Tet, if you intend to give gifts of birth, you can refer to the products of Tupperware brand.

Food storage boxes

From a young age, each person is always taken care of by their mother with “sticky rice, sweet soup”. All mothers love to focus on the daily delicious dishes for the family tray. Tupperware food storage box will make cooking more convenient.

Tet is a time of reunion to show affection to loved ones. Image: Tupperware.

You can take advantage of the weekend free time to go to the grocery shopping market, prepare dishes and vegetables and put them in Tupperware to preserve. By the time the mother only needs to cook, the delicious dish is still round and the health of the whole family is ensured thanks to always fresh and properly preserved food.

T - 1

Tupperware food containers. Image: Tupperware.

Water purifier

Besides finding “assistants” to help liberate parents’ labor. Tupperware Nano Nature water purifier is also a suggestion.

Water plays an important role in the life of the elderly. Dehydration makes parents easily tired while working, the ability of the liver and kidneys to filter blood is also reduced, so they are susceptible to food poisoning and oral drug poisoning. The lack of water and minerals also makes the antibody and immune system weak, so the elderly are susceptible to infections such as pneumonia, dermatitis, sore throat …

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Tupperware Nano Nature water purifier. Image: Tupperware.

Tupperware Nano Nature water purifier features Nano Pleated membrane technology, which contributes to the elimination of bacteria according to WQA (International Water Quality Association) and NSF (American Independent Organization of Testing and Certification) certification. product).

Ordinary gifts such as food storage boxes, Tupperware Nano Nature water purifier can help you take care of loved ones every day, every hour. This can be seen as a meaningful gift to grandparents and parents with wishes for health and peace on the occasion of the coming spring festival.

Le Nguyen

Tupperware Brands is one of the household brands from America, specializing in solutions for food preservation, storage and processing.

With a history of 75 years of establishment and development, Tupperware Brands is present in over 100 countries and regions with 16 manufacturing plants around the world. The brand has launched a lot of home products with smart designs and high quality to save time and family costs for global consumers.

Currently, Tupperware Vietnam, under Tupperware Brands USA, exclusively distributes products of Tupperware brand in Vietnam market. In Vietnam, there are currently more than 150 retail stores nationwide. For details visit


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