Suffering because neighbors use 9 air conditioners at the same time

SingaporeThe home of 57-year-old Mr. Liu Zhiyun, in an apartment in Sengkang township, suffered from condensation and black mold caused by nine neighbor’s air conditioners that were constantly running.

“We had to mop the floor three times a day. It was a headache,” Mr. Liu said. He and his wife suffered from mold due to dampness and cracked tile floors due to temperature differences.

The owner of a house with nine air conditioners is Mr. Huang, a 63-year-old retiree who rents a four-room apartment. He said always set the air conditioner to 18 degrees Celsius to live comfortably in Singapore’s hot climate. “I have liver cancer, cool temperatures boost immunity,” he explained.

Illustration: Ashkan Forouzani / Unsplash

Huang admits he has five air conditioners in the living room, two in the master bedroom and two in the other two rooms. He had to pay 7,200 USD (about 171 million VND) to install these 9 air conditioners.

However, last month, Huang’s neighbors complained about the trouble the air conditioners caused. Authorities tried to mediate but failed.

The neighbor had to clean three times a day because of the mold.  Photo: Shin Min Daily

The neighbor had to clean three times a day because of the mold. Image: Shin Min Daily

Finally, on September 17, Mr. Huang moved out of the apartment. However, he said he would bring the air conditioner installed in the new room. “As long as it’s comfortable, the cost doesn’t matter to me,” he said.

Huang’s neighbors said they were relieved to hear that he had moved out. But they are still upset because they have to spend a lot of money to repaint the walls and ceiling.

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