Süderelbe protest: angry farmers block Köhlbrandbrücke

Hamburg – There are many – and in protest they slow down everyone else!

The “Aktionbündnis Alte Süderelbe” has chugged over the Köhlbrand Bridge into the city with 55 trucks. On the town hall market, the protesters, including farmers, residents and representatives of the association, presented Vice President André Trepoll (43, CDU) with a six-kilo box with 28 604 signatures AGAINST the threatened opening of the Old Southern Elbe.

This idea has been discussed for a long time and is currently being examined in the Senate. So you want to try to divert the harbor silt.

The protesters drove their tractors to Hamburg City Hall

Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa

Trepoll is fighting with an application for the preservation of the biotope, clarifies: “The opening of the Old South Elbe planned by Red-Green is neither ecological nor logical.”

Resident Holger Maciolek (65) doesn’t understand why the check is carried out at all, because: “If you don’t want to open, you don’t have to check any further!”


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