Such driving license can apply online sitting at home, know its complete process

Nowadays, we can do most of the work online. For this you do not need to go anywhere, whether it is a bank related work or an ID. You can get all the work done online. Today we will tell you how you can apply your driving license from home. So let’s know its complete process.

Complete process of online driving license

Driving license is made in two steps.
First learning license and second permanent license.
RTO has to be paid after paying fees to get a learning license. You can get your learning license by taking a test there. With this you can do driving but there should be a person sitting with you who has a license.
Validity of learning license is 6 months. Within these 6 months you can apply your driving license.
To get a Driving License, you must first go to the website. After this, you will click on the service related to the driving license.
As soon as you click on it, a new page will open. Here you have to select the state.
Here you will see many options. From these, you will select the Apply Driving License option and click on Continue.
Now you have to enter the mobile number and OTP and click on Authenticate with Sarathi.
After doing so, you have to enter your learner’s license number and date of birth here. Learner license number is written on the learning license. After doing so, we will click on ok.
As soon as you click on Ok, a new page will open where the details of the learning license will come.
After this you have to scroll down and select the vehicle class. If you have selected the motorcycle with gear for two wheeler, Will submit it now.
Now you have to download the application form. Now as soon as you click on the application form, the form will open. Here you can print it apart from the download.
After doing so, we will download Form 1 now. To download you have to click on print form 1. This is a fitness certificate.
After this, Form 1A has to be downloaded, for which we will click on Print Form 1A. This is a medical certificate. You can also print an enrollment slip for the record.
Now as soon as you click on next a new page will open. Here you have to book a slot. For which click on Proceed.
To book a driving license test slot, the application number or learning license number will have to be selected.
If we select the application number, then you have to enter the application number which is written on the knowledge slip. After this, date of birth and captcha have to be submitted and submitted.
After doing this, your personal details will be visible. Here you will select the motorcycle with gear and click on Proceed to book.
As soon as you click on it, the calendar will appear in front of you, all the dates that are red in it are not available. Those who are green are all available. In this, you can book a date according to your own.
After this time slot will appear in front of you. Here too you can book your time according to your own.
Now you have to submit the security code entered on the mobile.
After this, you will get all the details of test booking. Now you can click on confirm and save it in PDF. When you go to give the test, you have to take it with you.
After doing this, now we have to pay. For this, we have to select the option of fee payment.
Here you have to enter the application number and date of birth. Now, click on click here to calculate fee.
After doing so, you will get details about how much you have to pay. If you are applying for a two wheeler, then you will have to pay 400 rupees. Now select payment mode and click on Pay Now.
Now, we will accept the terms and click on procees for payment. Now here you can come by credit card, debit card and then pay through internet banking. Your page will be redirected after the payment is successful. Here you will click on Print Receipt. After filling the captcha here, you will take a print of the recipe.
Now whatever date and time has been selected for the test, the RTO Office Application Form, Form 1, Form 1A, Slot and Payment Receipt will have to be taken at the right time on that day.
You will have a driving test in the RTO office. After this, your driving license will come through your home post.
In this way, you can get your driving license online.

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