Successful altitude test, but … – Elon Musk’s Starship missile explodes

Setback and progress for Elon Musk (49) dream of Mars at the same time.

After a successful test flight, a prototype of the Starship rocket from his space company SpaceX exploded on landing.

The rocket went up in flames as it landed on a concrete slab near the launch pad in Boca Chica, Texas, as seen on the space company’s official live stream on Thursday night.

“The pressure in the fuel tank was low during landing, which resulted in a high touchdown speed and RUD, but we have all the data we need! Congratulations, SpaceX team, ”wrote Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX on Twitter.

The day before, a test flight had been canceled just 1.3 seconds before take-off due to a problem with the engine. The engine had shut down automatically.

Marketing genius and visionary Musk nevertheless unwaveringly celebrated the test as a success. The altitude test – the prototype with the serial number 8 should climb around 12.5 kilometers – was successful. The switch to collection tanks also worked and the flap control was precise up to the landing point.

Elon Musk was still cheering: The prototype SN 8 of his super-heavy Starship rocket soars into the sky Photo: GENE BLEVINS / Reuters

“Mars, we are coming,” announced Musk, as usual, very far-sighted and optimistic. The electric car pioneer wants to use the Starship program to first fly people to the moon and then to Mars.


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