Successful alternative “PriPro op Jück”: Carnival mood right up to the cathedral

Cologne – The Prinzenproklamation im Gürzenich has been one of the hot TV hits for decades. Pure mood on the telly.

But this year? On Sunday evening there was “The somewhat different proclamation of the Cologne triumvirate – PriPro op Jück” on WDR. The 90-minute special was a convincing alternative.

Moving finale: the trifolium on the crossing tower of the cathedral with a view of DeutzPhoto: WDR

Festival Committee President Christoph Kuckelkorn surprised as a confident and personable moderator. Instead of pure show as usual, there were jolly explanations, historical reviews, Cologne tones and, parallel to the big ones, the proclamation of the children’s triumvirate. The whole thing mixed up with a lot of Cologne music, bands and humor.

The emotional highlights included the visit to the deserted Gürzenich and the finale in the cathedral in front of the Shrine of the Three Kings and on the Vierungsturm. Moving pictures and moments not just for the trifolium. From now on in the WDR media library.


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