Success for breeder: the smallest donkey is now a German

Cloppenburg – The accolade in the “Year of the Donkey”!

Breeder Petra Appeldorn (46) from Löningen (Lower Saxony) bred the smallest donkey breed in the world for the first time in Germany. The Horse Stud Book Weser-Ems eV has now succeeded in introducing the German Miniature Donkey breed to Germany.

Owner Petra Appeldorn with the mini donkeys Spotty and KrümelPhoto:

This was officially certified by the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture. The animals are between 70 and 91 centimeters tall.

Appeldorn (trained nurse) is happy: “The donkeys were imported from America and found their origin in Sardinia and Sicily. They are also known as “American Miniature Donkeys.” We are very proud that these amazing animals are now recognized as a breed. We will now multiply the breed on our farm.”

The import per animal cost up to 7000 euros. It will have been worth it.


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