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Frankfurt – The subway madness of Frankfurt, incredible crowds on the platform. Hard to avoid due to the daily flow of commuters. But nobody is happy with it.

That’s what the health department says

Dr. Antoni Walczok, Deputy Head: “Especially when the distance cannot be maintained in everyday life, such as. in public transport, it is all the more important that all passengers wear a mask correctly and consistently in order to protect themselves and others from infection. “

That’s what commuters say

Brigitta (74) and Alfred Friemel (73), pensioners from Frankfurt

Photo: Sven Moschitz

If you drive at peak times, it always looks like this! But not only on the platform, also on the train. It is not possible to keep your distance. More lanes or longer lanes have to go. Or use buses. We are a risk group, but most of them don’t care, you still get knocked over. ”

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Felix Bortz (28), student from Frankfurt

Photo: Sven Moschitz

“The city should sit down with the transport companies and find a solution. Around noon the trains were pretty empty. Action should be taken at peak times.

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Barbara Angilidis (52), employee of the city of Frankfurt

Photo: Sven Moschitz

It is like that in these times. Quite busy in rush hour traffic. It would be nice if that could be straightened out a bit. In principle, the employer is obliged to equalize the working hours. The transport companies could perhaps drive more. In my private life I don’t try to take the subway if I don’t have to. “

That’s what the Ministry of Health says

The implementation of the distance regulation in local public transport is not possible. Therefore, a mouth and nose covering must be worn for the duration of the stay.

In addition, all citizens are called upon to avoid unnecessary routes wherever possible.

In addition, it should also be noted that, according to the Robert Koch Institute, among others, the risk of infection in local public transport is rather low.

In addition, the following thought for the readers: The public transport is an impressive example of how important it is that we all adhere to the applicable rules for ourselves as well as for everyone in our immediate vicinity. “

The crowds in local public transport are apparently a problem that passengers simply have to live with. Not just in Frankfurt.


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