Stunned US Open: Andreescu is fighting to take off his skirt, but has not lost yet has already packed up and left

(Sports news, tennis news) It was a joke at the US Open 2022, the female tennis player was competing to take off her skirt, and a male tennis player who had not finished the match had already packed up.

Benoit Paire faces the risk of not receiving $ 80,000

At the US Open 2022, the organizers stipulate that players who compete lightly will not receive a reward of $ 80,000. It is a reward for the player who wins the official ticket to the first round of the Grand Slam tournament taking place in the US, but if the referee decides that the player does not play at his best, they will lose their prize money.

Stunned US Open: Andreescu is fighting to take off his dress, not losing has already packed his things - 1

Paire still has 1 game left but packed up and ready to go home

In the last round of the US Open men’s singles, Paire played with a very indifferent attitude. He lost to tennis player Cameron Norrie (England) with a score of 0-6, 6(1)-7 and 0-6. An unthinkable result for a player of such class as Paire, he lost not one but two blank sets in the same match.

Several times during the match, Paire was extremely depressed, he did not want to continue playing. At the climax, when losing the last 0-5 set, the French player went to his seat and packed up his racket and luggage to prepare for the loss. Of course, the result then Paire lost the last game and accepted to leave the US Open 2022 game.

Speaking to French publication L’Equipe after the match, Paire admitted he was considering retiring.

“I’m leading 5-3, I should have won the second set, but the demon in me rose, I made a double mistake, and it started for worse. I’ll see if I continue. play or not I find it very difficult to play I hope I will regain my motivation and love of tennis Right now I’m happy to be at home and bored when I have to play I don’t even I want to get angry on the tennis court again.”

Bianca Andreescu is playing and asks the referee to change her skirt

Video summary of Andreescu’s match in round 1

Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu may have to look for a new clothing sponsor following her outfit crisis at the 2022 US Open.

Stunned US Open: Andreescu is fighting to take off his dress, not losing has already packed his things - 3

Andreescu asks the referee to change his dress

The former 2019 champion took only 3 sets to beat Harmony Tan of France at Flushing Meadows, but after the match there was a lot of talk about the outfit being judged as “bad”.

The former world number 4 arrived at the Grandstand in a navy blue dress, but the winds kept blowing her outfit, which prompted the 22-year-old female tennis player to ask the referee to change her skirt.

Stunned US Open: Andreescu is fighting to take off his skirt, not losing has already packed up - 4

The 22-year-old tennis player returns with a neater suit

“It’s not my fault, it’s the costume sponsor’s fault, this dress is so bad. I need to change it, it’s terrible,” Andreescu complained to the referee.

Returned to the skirt and white T-shirt, and despite losing the second set, the 48-year-old played well in the final set, winning 6-1. Defeating rival Harmony Tan (France) with a final score of 2-1 (6-0, 3-6, 6-1), Andreescu won tickets to the second round of the match against the 15th seed Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maia.

After the match Andreescu apologized to viewers for the costume problem, the 22-year-old also appeased the sponsors, she promised not to use harsh words and hoped to stick with them for a long time.


The shock of the beautiful Raducanu lost in the first round of the US Open and was about to drop dramatically

(Sports news, tennis news) Emma Raducanu was a big disappointment when she lost in the first match of the US Open 2022, where she is the defending champion.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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