Stunned: Boxer Paul gave Poirier 2.3 billion dong for breaking McGregor’s leg

Wednesday, July 14, 2021 10:23 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) All the opponents who fought, or could compete in the near future, were very gloating when Conor McGregor lost the UFC fight.

McGregor broke his leg, was defeated in the big fight with Dustin Poirier:

“Laughing on other people’s pain” is an act worthy of condemnation, although many boxers seem to gloat after “Crazy guy” Conor McGregor lost the fight and even broke his leg.

Jake gave Poirier a necklace with a picture of the broken McGregor

Competitors and potential competitors are sympathetic to McGregor’s serious injury, they just want to talk about this fight. “Eagle” Khabib said that “good (Poirier) always wins over evil (McGregor), Mayweather won a big bet when he bet McGregor lost, recently Jake Paul poured his “wallet” to reward “hot” boxers. America.

According to Talksport, famous YouTuber and now amateur boxer Jake Paul gave Poirier a necklace with a picture of McGregor sitting on the floor after breaking his leg. This necklace is worth up to 100,000 USD (more than 2.3 billion VND). Of course, before the generous gift of his brother Paul, boxer Poirier did not refuse.

Stunned: Boxer Paul gave Poirier 2.3 billion dong for breaking McGregor's leg - 3

McGregor needs 6 weeks to walk on his own

Remember, after the victory over McGregor, Poirier only received $ 1 million, less than the loser “Crazy guy” UFC exactly $ 2 million. Paul’s gift was 1/10 of the value of the competition that Poirier received after defeating the Irish opponent.

Poirier will challenge Charles Oliviera for the next lightweight title. Before this “fight”, UFC president Dana White seemed more excited about the 4th rematch between McGregor and Poirier.

McGregor has now had successful surgery on the broken tibia and he said he will have to use crutches for about 6 weeks, then will return to training.


Mayweather suddenly had a

(Sports news, martial arts news) Conor McGregor tried to compete in many weight classes but it was a mistake of the Irish boxer.


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