Striking, supernatural, sensual… The cinema releases on December 29

♦ Children of the Sun ***

by Majid Majidi

Iranian movie, 1 h 40

Convinced of the existence of a hidden “treasure”, street children in Tehran enroll in a school to unearth it. This social thriller, which features authentic Iranian poulbots, is carried by the exceptional interpretation of its tight-knit band, inspired by its own experience of resourcefulness.

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♦ Deception ***

by Arnaud Desplechin

French film, 1 h 45

Adaptation of a novel by Philip Roth, Arnaud Desplechin’s sensual film depicts an adulterous relationship between a writer (Denis Podalydès) and an actress (Léa Seydoux), of which we do not know if it really exists or if it does not. is just a mental projection, destined to become one of the characters in a book being written. By openly using all the artifices of cinema, the director manages to bring cinema and literature into a virtuoso symbiosis.

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♦ The Card Counter ***

by Paul Schrader

American film, 2 hours

Prestigious scriptwriter Taxi Driver Where Raging bull, Paul Schrader follows in this film produced by Martin Scorsese the wandering, very controlled, of a poker player (Oscar Isaac), from casino to casino, along the American highways. A striking road movie over which hangs the evil shadow of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, which covers this film with a moral burden from which no one can claim to be exempt.

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Beautiful **

by Mamoru Hosoda

Japanese animated film, 2:02

An introverted college student by day, living with her father in a small mountain town, Suzu becomes Belle at night, the musical muse of a digital application. Millions of Internet users, represented by three-dimensional avatars, interact there in a parallel universe governed by its own rules. Rules broken by one of its members, a monstrous creature that the young girl tries to understand better.

While virulently criticizing the cold individualism and social masks present in his country, Mamoru Hosoda delivers a spectacle that is both romantic and dark, entertaining and disturbing.

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♦ Lamb **

by Valdimar Jóhannsson

Icelandic movie, 1 h 46

In this funny Christmas tale, a sheep from Maria and Ingvar’s sheepfold gives birth to a strange newborn baby that the farm couple hasten to bring home and raise as if it were their own. Treated in the style of one of those Icelandic folk tales, flirting with the supernatural, this first feature film by Valdimar Jóhannsson received the originality award at the last Cannes Film Festival in the “Un certain regard” section. A deserved reward.

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♦ Our best years *

by Gabriele Muccino

Italian movie, 2:15

Over four decades, years of lead to the 5-star Movement, the film leads its four heroes to get lost and find themselves following more or less chaotic trajectories embedded in the events of their time. Impossible to watch Our best years without thinking about Our best years by Marco Tullio Giordana and We loved each other so much by Ettore Scola or even, title obliges, to Our best years by Sydney Pollack. Comparisons that laminate Gabriele Muccino’s film.

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