Strawberry procession with a plow

Thanh HoaGroom Nguyen Cuong, 24 years old, used balloons and tinsel to turn the plow that has been attached for many years into a flower car, welcoming the bride Ngoc Yen “to the palace”, on the morning of December 28.

At exactly 9:15, in Minh Tam commune, Thieu Hoa district, nine plows with the words “song hy” and flowers, balloons began to bring the bride Ngoc Yen to her husband’s house. The first “flower car” attached the front seat, the other cars carried the girl’s relatives. Each car has 3-4 people, equipped with additional speakers and music.

The groom’s family went to the girl’s house about a kilometer, but the procession took nearly an hour to move. On the way home, Mr. Cuong held his wife’s hand tightly, laughing non-stop when receiving blessings and applause from relatives on both sides of the road.

“I’ve never seen a wedding procession with a plow, but now I’m the main character,” Ngoc Yen said.

A group of nine tractors went to pick up the bridegroom of the groom Nguyen Cuong to the girl’s house in the same Minh Tam commune on the morning of December 28. Photo: Screen capture

Mr. Cuong and Ms. Yen are from the same commune and have been in love for more than a year. Their wedding had to be postponed twice due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The idea to carry the bride with a plow comes from the work that Cuong has worked with for the past seven years.

“I am a farmer, my whole life is attached to fields and tractors. Wanting to have a very special wedding, but still familiar and close to everyday life, I came up with this idea. Strawberry by car is too normal,” he said.

A few months before the wedding day, he talked about his intention to pick up the bride by tractor with his fiancée and both sides of his family. Knowing the child’s sense of humour, or joking, the parents on both sides just said “whatever you do, you can take a turtle car (wheelbarrow)”. Close to the wedding day, Mr. Cuong seriously discussed with his family and received consent.

Already had a plow, he posted to online groups to rent eight more. The estimated rental cost is 40-50 million VND for a day of procession. Seeing a strange idea, a company specializing in the distribution of agricultural machines in Lam Son town, Tho Xuan district offered to lend some unused plows.

“We know that Mr. Cuong is a farmer and passionate about agricultural mechanization, so he offered to help them have a full day of fun, without charge”, Mr. Phan Thanh Cuong, 36 years old, representative Corporate sales department, share.

The groom said that the use of a plow to process the bride was not intended to be ostentatious or to attract attention to be famous, “simply because he wanted to preserve his big day and bring joy to the guests.” “.

Holding a wedding during the epidemic, the couple limited guests, before that, Mr. Cuong went to the authorities to ask for permission from the government and wrote a pledge to strictly comply with the regulations on epidemic prevention.

Wedding scene of couple Nguyen Cuong - Ngoc Yen in 2021. Photo: Provided by the character

Wedding photo of couple Nguyen Cuong – Ngoc Yen taken in 2021. Photo: Characters provided

Knowing that the wedding procession was special, but Ngoc Yen couldn’t help but be surprised when her wedding spread widely, many people shared their excitement live and shared on social networks. She said, being able to return to her husband’s house with a “supercar” is an unforgettable memory.

The video to welcome the bride with a tractor by Nguyen Cuong and Ngoc Yen, after being posted on social networks, has received hundreds of thousands of likes and shares. “Welcoming the bride with a plow closely associated with an impressive but meaningful career. The bride and groom will never forget this day. Wishing you both happiness”, a user named Huyen My left a comment.

Thanh Hoa groom picks up the bride by tractor

The wedding procession clip of the couple Nguyen Cuong – Ngoc Yen was recorded on the morning of December 28. The source: Nguyen Cuong

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