‘Straw Theory’ and the law of life

The “straw theory” shows that which team to join and who to accompany plays an important role in a person’s success in life.

A pile of straw on the side of the road will forever be a pile of straw, no one will notice. But if the crab seller uses straw to tie the crab, the straws will be worth the same value as the crab. If the farmer uses straw to tie the vegetables, the straw is worth as much as the bundle of vegetables. The straw theory shows that a person’s worth is sometimes like a straw, not only related to the person himself, but also depending on what environment they are in, with whom.

Illustration: Aboluowang.

The straw theory is an example of the power of the connecting circle. The positive energy circle will unleash positive energy among the members, while the negative energy circle will radiate negative emotions. If you want to be successful, you must first go with people who have the ability to succeed.

In life, you will meet many people and they will affect you deeply. Therefore, the most successful is having a good teacher, a good friend and a good life partner.

The straw theory also shows that straw fibers have the smallest value when combined with crabs or vegetables, this combination does not change their nature. However, sticking to things of higher value has raised the bar itself. Another similar example, a bottle of mineral water at a supermarket only costs 10 thousand, but entering a 5-star hotel can be sold for 50,000 VND. This is not because the mineral water value has changed but because it has been introduced into a different medium.

There is a proverb that says “Near the ink it is black, near the lamp it is bright”, implying that people in social communication should also know how to choose the right environment. Living in a good environment will lead to healthy growth, living in a negative environment will gradually worsen your physical and mental health. Likewise, an eagle that grows up in a chicken coop will lose the ability to fly, unable to learn how to fly to the blue sky. In life, which social environment you choose will determine your development trajectory. With an industrious and progressive environment, you will not be lazy, depressed, with an optimistic environment, you will be full of positive energy…

The most regrettable thing in life is that around you lack of energetic, visionless people, making your life ordinary and dull.

American education expert Noah Webster once said: “Together, we can do things that cannot be done alone. The hands of wisdom and hands create almighty power.” Do not overestimate the strength of the individual, but seeking companionship is the path to the most solid success.

Thuy Linh (According to Aboluowang)


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