Strange story UFC: Being treated to win the unbeaten player, but the fighter asked to lose

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 16:06 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Having won, but asked for a loss, the story is full of people in the UFC.

Video of the controversial match at the UFC 180 over the weekend:

The UFC 180 event that took place over the weekend in the UAE saw a fascinating match between Guram Kutateladze (Georgia) and Mateusz Gamrot (Poland). Before the match, the 29-year-old Polish boxer had an unbeaten record with 17 victories at the MMA, but the first time he came to the UFC, this puncher tasted defeat.

Kutateladze (left) still wins more hits

With quite good performance (11 wins, 2 losses) in other MMA events, but Guram Kutateladze is still underestimated compared to Gamrot. The game took place according to the experts, Gamrot dominated most of the match and had 5 times to knock the opponent in 3 rounds, lasting 15 minutes.

Surprisingly, after the match ended, the one who was scored higher by the referees was Guram Kutateladze, not the Polish opponent.

Surprisingly when the referee’s victory, the 28-year-old Georgian boxer was unhappy, saying: “I am an honest man. He (Gamrot) knocked me down many times in the game. I am not.” know how the judges scored … I am not satisfied because this is not the victory I was waiting for.

Strange story UFC: He was treated to win the unbeaten player but the fighter asked to lose - 2

The 28-year-old Georgian puncher (right) wants to admit defeat, even if it is awarded a victory

Although he did not want to receive the victory, but the referee’s decision could not be withdrawn, Kutateladze was still the winner in the end.

The 28-year-old puncher got his first win when it came to the UFC. On the contrary, despite playing better, Gamrot lost in the first time coming to the most fierce MMA arena in the world, this was the first defeat in the career of a Polish boxer.

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