Strange customs in the world

The customs sound scary but create a sense of belonging and are a reason to bring people closer to friends, family and entire communities.

Hair freezing contest

The Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs Hair Freeze Contest is an annual event that anyone can participate in.

First, the contestants jump into the hot springs when the outside temperature drops to minus 20 degrees Celsius. They dip their heads in hot water to get wet and then expose their heads to the water until all the hairs, hairs, and beards are frozen solid. . When the hair is completely frozen, the contestant rings the bell next to the pool and the staff will come close to take pictures.

Competition freezes in Canada. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The bride and groom can only use the bathroom three days after getting married

The Tidong community in Indonesia is prohibited from using the toilet for three days after marriage. Abstaining from going to the bathroom is said to bring good luck to the couple, helping them to be happy for many years to come. If this rule is broken, it is believed that luck will be short-lived.

During these three days, one person is responsible for looking after the newlyweds. They give the bride and groom small amounts of food and water to limit the need to go to the bathroom. The custodian must make sure the couple is not trying to “release” the secret.

Bathe singles with cinnamon

Turning 25 and being single is a very uncomfortable moment for Danes. On his birthday at this age, a person will be bathed in water by friends, then throw cinnamon all over the body. It is believed that water helps cinnamon stick better.

This is a humorous punishment for singles and a fun way for friends to tease each other.

Currently in Denmark, the average age of marriage is 34, but the custom is still practiced by some for fun.

Party for monkeys

On the last Sunday of November every year, a rich buffet is created for monkeys to enjoy.

The ceremony started with a performance by people dressed in monkey costumes, then they brought the monkeys in. On the table there are a variety of fruits and vegetables for the animal to choose freely.

Thai people respect monkeys and believe that this animal brings them good luck.

Monkey buffet in Thailand.  Photo: Flickr

Monkey buffet in Thailand. Image: Flickr

Smashing furniture in front of the bride’s house

About a week before a couple gets married, friends, family and most people can go to the house of the bride’s parents to throw things. People often throw things that they no longer need, for example plates, porcelain or ceramic items. However, it is not allowed to throw glasses or mirrors as they are believed to bring bad luck.

After this part ends, the soon-to-be couple must clean up the debris together. It is important that they clean up together as a sign that for the rest of their lives they will have to face and solve problems together.

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