Stranded on rocks in Croatia: woman identified with no memory

Krk (Croatia) – Ten days ago a fisherman found a crying, emaciated woman on a rock off the Croatian island of Krk. Tears rolled down her bloody face. She spoke perfect English – but couldn’t give her own name.

Now the mystery of the “woman without a memory” has been solved! The lady is a 57-year-old vacationer from Slovakia, as the portal “” reported on Wednesday, citing the police.

According to the police, the woman lived in the United States for several decades and worked there, among other things, as a jewelry designer. That’s why she speaks fluent English. The identity of the stranded was found out by the Croatian authorities in cooperation with the Slovak police stations. How exactly the investigators did it – unclear.

Because: The Slovak still can’t remember anything. When the fisherman found her, she had neither a cell phone nor documents with her.

According to the police, the woman’s injuries were not caused by outside influences. How it got to the rocks in front of the island is unclear.

A team of 14 rescued the woman after a three-kilometer march over jagged rocks. She is currently being treated in the hospital in Rijeka.


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