Stowaway in horse trailer: police rescues escaped dog lady

Uplengen / Westerstede (Lower Saxony) – Was this dog lady lovesick or was she wanderlust?

Spectacular excursion by the farm dog “Ayla” from the community of Uplengen in the district of Leer (East Friesland). Her master, a farmer, had just sold one of his horses on Saturday afternoon.

When the two-legged friends said goodbye, the four-legged lady dog ​​jumped unnoticed on the buyer’s horse trailer and traveled with them as a stowaway in the direction of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania!

But on the A 28 near Westerstede, she obviously changed her mind. At full speed, Ayla jumped out of the trailer with a huge leap through the tarpaulin, ran from the lane onto the grass verge and then back towards home.

Attentive eyewitnesses stopped the unsuspecting driver, secured the area to prevent an accident from occurring, and called the police. Love for animals Officials of the Oldenburg autobahn police caught Ayla when she was resting, exhausted, at a wildlife fence.

The police escorted the dog lady to her patrol car and let her take a seat on the back seat. With a thoughtful look, the bitch let herself be carefully driven home.

Police chief inspector Marc La Grange to BILD: “We brought them back to their visibly relieved owners.” Whether “Ayla” was suffering from lovesickness or wanderlust could not be determined.


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