Storm in North Rhine-Westphalia: Eight dead in the Euskirchen district alone

Euskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia) – In severe storms in the Euskirchen district in the south of North Rhine-Westphalia, according to initial findings by the authorities, a particularly large number of people died.

“We are currently aware of eight deaths,” said the circle’s Facebook page on Thursday. Details of the exact circumstances of death have not yet been given.

The situation in Schleiden, Gemünd and Oberhausen is very critical, people are being rescued here, it continues. In some cases, there is still no access to the affected areas.

The drinking water supply is interrupted in several communities. Flamersheim is evacuated. Water is pumped out of the Steinbachtalsperre. There is a risk of flooding in Weilerswist and in large parts of the district.

The communication in the district has largely failed. The fire brigade emergency number 112 and the district administration cannot be reached either.

Bad Münstereifel was particularly hard hit by the masses of water, cars were swept away

Photo: – / dpa

Devastation in Bad Münstereifel

In addition to Weilerswist, the town of Bad Münstereifel in the Euskirchen district is particularly affected by the floods.

The Euskirchen district urgently warned of the floods on Wednesday. There is an acute danger to life. People in valleys and in the city center should go to the upper floors and stay away from electrical devices.

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Severe devastation: This is what it looks like in downtown Bad Münstereifel on Thursday

Photo: – / dpa

In Bad Münstereifel-Iversheim, the water has washed hazardous substances into the Erft. “There is an acute health risk. Do not approach the containers! ”Warns the Euskirchen district


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