Stomach stewed with green pepper won the 7th week prize ‘Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook’

The delicious, rich taste of green pepper stomach by singer Quach Gia Thanh won the first prize of week 7 “Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook it”.

Singer Quach Gia Thanh participated in the contest “Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook” with the theme “Man in Kitchen” in the 7th week, with the article “Stomach stew with green pepper by singer Quach Gia Thanh”.

In the article, singer 9x gave detailed instructions step by step to make a green pepper stew from the preparation of ingredients, how to cook and taste the spices, and beautifully presented… With the same secret to making the stomach not tough, be careful when cooking this dish. The dish cooked in a simple and easy way, does not take much time, but is nutritious, has attracted the attention of many readers.

The delicious green pepper stew of singer Quach Gia Thanh won the first prize in week 7 of the contest.

Singer 9x shared, green pepper is very good for health, has the effect of preventing colds, warming the stomach, stimulating digestion, suitable for use in erratic rainy days or during relaxation. way. Green pepper combined with the stomach will produce an extremely attractive dish, stimulating the taste buds, promising to “beat” anyone when enjoying it.

Singer Quach Gia Thanh’s entry meets the award criteria with 50% of the points from the Jury for quality content, matching the criteria and 50% of points based on shares on Facebook, according to the published rules. previously, won the first prize in the 7th week. His gift was a 5.5 liter pot of healthy cooking + a moss green healthy cook lid worth 2.7 million VND.

Before submitting to the contest, singer 9x sent an article on how to make pepper cake and shared about her passion for cooking. He said the purpose of this job is to inspire and support the boys’ spirit in the kitchen during the epidemic season.

Week 7 contest “Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook” with the theme “Man in Kitchen”, taking place from September 20-26, by the Cooking page of the Electronic Newspaper The organization has officially closed. The organizing committee judged that the contest received a lot of attention from readers because of its attractive and close topic. The sharing of cooking experience, love for the apron – the kitchen, many delicious dishes for the holiday season… of each reader sent to attend contributed to the success of the contest.

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