Stolen from accident victims in Essen: “Helfer” was actually a robber

Eat – The police are looking for a particularly unscrupulous criminal: he fled after an accident, after robbing the injured driver (19)!

The unusual crash occurred on Wednesday night in Essen. At 2:45 a.m., residents heard a loud crash. A stolen Mercedes had rushed into a VW Lupo. Police spokesman Christoph Wickhorst (31): “You saw out the window how the unknown driver of the Mercedes pulled the injured 19-year-old out of the VW.”

But what looked like first aid to the witnesses later turned out to be a brazen robbery. “The man snatched her mobile phone from the woman, insulted her and threatened her with death. Then he fled on foot, ”said Wickhorst.

Rescuers took the young woman to the hospital. Despite a manhunt with several patrol cars, the car thief could not be caught. Description: about mid-20s, 1.75 to 1.80 meters, black hair, possibly southern roots, spoke German without an accent.

Forensic technicians secured tracks on the Mercedes in order to convict the thief. The police also ask for information: Tel. 0231-8290.


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