Stolen “Fat Bikes” worth 6000 euros: Lina lured e-bike thieves into the Ebay trap

Stuttgart – Only every tenth bicycle theft is solved. Lina J. (25) from Wolfschlugen (Baden-Württemberg) was not discouraged by this. Your two valuable e-bikes were stolen. The young Swabian investigated like a police professional and was a huge success.


It happened on the night of February 16, 2020. Unknown people broke into Lina’s family’s property and stole two e-bikes worth 6,000 euros. Lina searched the Internet.

These fat bikes (3000 euros each) were stolen from Lina and her boyfriend

Photo: private

The commercial clerk to BILD: “A week later, one of the bikes was offered on E-Bay.” Lina made an appearance on the offer and made an appointment. Two plainclothes police accompanied the young woman and arrested a young couple when they were handed over.

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Deniz C. (31) was convicted

Photo: Andreas Rosar

Now the crook couple was sitting in the dock of the Cannstatter district court. It is unclear whether the main defendant Deniz C. (31) stole the e-bikes or was only guilty of stealing. The Turk denied the theft. Deniz C. admitted, however, that he had “a bad conscience” when selling it.

The defendant: “I got the bike from a friend by the name of ‘Joel’. He still owed me money. ”However,“ Joel ”can no longer be reached.

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Lina is happy that the bikes are back

Photo: Andreas Rosar

Deniz C. to the judge: “I was an idiot and I apologize.” Didn’t help!

Judge Lea Fischer sentenced Deniz C. to one year in prison – without parole! Reason: eight previous convictions, inter alia, for theft, forgery of documents and bodily harm, in addition, the defendant was under probation at the time of the bicycle fraud for driving without a license. From 2012 to 2015 he was in jail for particularly serious robbery.

His so far innocent girlfriend Maria P. (25) was only convicted of aiding and abetting attempted fraud. She has to pay a fine of 4950 euros (90 daily rates).


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