Stockholm: Man (34) shot at the hotel reception

Fatal shots in central Stockholm!

In the middle of the day, a man (34) was shot in a hotel in the Swedish capital.

According to police, he was shot injured in the hotel in the Kungsholmen district next to the reception on Wednesday at lunchtime and taken to the hospital. He later died there.

Murder investigations have started and no one has been arrested.

According to Swedish reports, the dead man is a criminal known to the police. According to information from the leading newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”, the man was the leader of the criminal Östberga network, which has been in conflict with another gang for years.

The fatal shots rang out in this hotel lobbyPhoto: picture alliance / TT NYHETSBYR? N

According to the newspaper “Express” the shooter is said to have been waiting for his victim in the hotel lobby. The perpetrator sat there relaxed with a laptop on his lap and a bag next to him.

When his target came out of the elevator, the killer approached the victim with his gun and, according to witnesses, pulled the trigger several times. Then he escaped on an electric bike.

Two of the gang leader’s brothers have also been shot dead in recent years.

Sweden has had a major problem with rampant gang crime for a long time. The conflicts between numerous different networks take place in the large cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but also in smaller places.

Shots are fired again and again, and there are also more frequent deliberate explosions.


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