Stéphane Bancel, by Alain Mérieux: “In the business world, he can be compared to Elon Musk”

The arrival of vaccines against Covid-19 brings hope to end this pandemic in 2021. A prospect that seemed to be wishful thinking a few weeks ago and to which Stéphane Bancel contributes with the vaccine developed by his company Moderna, located in the suburbs of Boston. Other large pharmaceutical groups are also developing their own vaccine – and that’s good, because it will take the forces of as many people as possible to meet the needs of the world’s population.

But these others are unsurprisingly the biggest names in this industry. Whereas Moderna has never earned a single dollar to date. And while Stéphane Bancel has bet everything on a completely revolutionary technology, messenger RNA, in which, it must be admitted, not many people believed for a long time …

Messenger RNA vaccine: under the microscope of a technology viewed with suspicion

I think in the business world he can be compared to Elon Musk, the boss and founder of Tesla, who bet everything on the electric car when no one believed it; and who turned the automobile upside down like Stéphane now wants to shake up the pharmaceutical industry.

The first time I heard about Stéphane Bancel was in 1995. He was 23 years old, had just left the Ecole Centrale after spending his childhood in Marseille and had just joined bioMérieux in Japan, where he was is very quickly distinguished. He then did an MBA at Harvard Bu

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