Stellantis will combine hydrogen and electricity for its vans

After Renault, Stellantis is also launching into hydrogen utility vehicles. The group born at the beginning of the year from the merger of PSA and Fiat Chrysler announced Wednesday that it would market by the end of 2021 Opel Vivaro vans equipped with a dual power supply: a fuel cell and fuel tanks. hydrogen to power it, but also an electric battery that can be recharged from the outside. Twin brothers of the Vivaro, the Citroën Jumpy and Peugeot Expert will offer the same technology.

With this option, Stellantis ensures that it will give the customer the best of both worlds: hydrogen must provide greater autonomy than electric (the group puts forward the figure of 400 kilometers) and a tank that fills up in three minutes. only. As hydrogen charging stations remain extremely rare in France (barely a hundred today), the rechargeable battery can take over for around fifty kilometers. The two engines, finally, can be combined to give more recovery to the vehicle.

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