Steel puncher Mike Tyson overturned and counted Evander Holyfield on May 29

Thursday, March 25, 2021 19:05 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Within a few days, Mike Tyson had made different decisions about his rematch with Evander Holyfield.

Over the weekend, the Evander Holyfield heavyweight boxing monument announced that the 3rd talks with the old rival Mike Tyson were not successful, the “Steel Punch” side confirmed the same thing. However, according to Boxingnews24, just published, Mike Tyson will be on the edge of his rival on May 29.

Holyfield (left) is about to fight Tyson (right) on May 29

“I want to play this game again, with someone I believe can unleash my full potential. That motivates me, maybe people want to see a knockout, but I want to have. a winning score. ” Mike Tyson shared on Podcasts.

“We will play on May 29th. I am confident about this match, the fight will happen, the only thing we are missing is some contract terms”, Mike “steel” confirmed the match. The third rematch between him and rival Holyfield will take place in May.

Although Tyson and Holyfield are both over 50 years old, their competition will surely attract a large audience. When the heavy title battle between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury takes place in Asia, Tyson and Holyfield will certainly produce some of the top PPV (pay-to-watch service) in Asia. America 2021.

In the past Holyfield, the former heavyweight champion four times, had 2 wins against Mike Tyson. Playing against Tyson for the first time in November 1996, he won with a knock-out in the 11th half. The rematch took place seven months later in June 1997 with a pitying moment with a shocking Mike Tyson bite. Holyfield in ear.

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Mike Tyson

(Sports news, martial arts news) Mike Tyson turned down the valuable offer because he didn’t want to rematch “the god” once.


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